Sarah and Uhura


AKC GrCH/UKC Champion Celtic Cross Into Darkness, FDC, DCAT, CGC, RATI, HIC

Uhura is a Standard Schnauzer.  She is co-owned and handled by my daughter, Sarah, who will be 15 in 2019.  Uhura is a lot of dog in a nice size. 

Sarah and Uhura do conformation showing, Junior handling, Lure Coursing, dabble in Barn Hunt and are trying Rally. To see Uhura Lure Cousing, please visit here


Sarah and Foster 3-6-16 crpadj (3)


UKC Champion Pheonix Imaginary Friend, FDC, CGC

Foster started as a pup as my show dog.  After one UKC show, my son (9 at the time) took over his showing and completed a UKC Championship.  As Connor’s sister came up the ranks, she took over showing Foster in Juniors in UKC. 

She also did what we joked about being impossible and got a Canine Good Citizen title on the fuzzy beast.  Foster is a senior now and is now Sarah’s back-up, back-up, back-up Juniors dog for UKC showing.  She often has him tucked away and brings him out every now and then for a show just because...

Splash and Sarah 2


UKC Champion Will O’Wisp On Thin Ice, HIC

Splash grew up with my parents in New Hampshire but came back to live with us as a young adult.  Sarah got a herding instinct certificate on her and hopefully will work for a CGC.  Splash has stepped into the gap left when my two demo dogs for dog safety work passed on.  Splash enjoys career days at schools and is a social girl.  Splash is getting her confidence back for the ring and has begun stepping in as Sarah’s Juniors show dog when needed.  They are hoping to start competing in Rally. To see Splash at a herding trial where she got her first HIC leg, click here.

Sarah and Ravyn crop


UKC Ch Will O’Wisp Winter Storm

Ravyn is pretty much retired.  She is a sweet dog but not one who enjoys being out and competing.  That is fine.  Not all dogs want to compete.  Ravyn is an avid ratter in the yard. Part of her duties are to keep the yard free of vermin with the help of Uhura.  This picture was taken at a herding trial.  Ravyn tried but it was not for her.  However summer of 2017 Ravyn came out of retirement and did get a Best of Breed at a local UKC show, beating her daughter and and some other lovely dogs.  - Sadly we lost Ravyn in Oct 0f 2019 - shortly after her 12th birthday. 

Though I own West Wind Dog Training, when it comes to our personal dogs, my daughter Sarah has taken over the actual handling and showing of the family dogs. Sarah enjoys working with our dogs under my guide.  Also, my son took an active roll when he was younger.  In high school he had to do a personal project and he chose to create a website based on using animals and technology to help autistic children.  Connor is on the autism spectrum.  So see his site, please click here.  He did this in 10th grade.

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