Here are some videos of my own dogs as well as client dogs. These dogs were all trained with positive reinforcement.  Some are types of dogs other trainers would state need heavier hands, “Alpha” owners, prong collars, shock collars, etc.  Even the show dogs here at West Wind Dog Training are trained with positive reinforcement training only.  Until they are working on a loose lead, they are not put on a show collar.  Videos should open in a new window.  Click on the dogs’ names to view.

This is General.  He is a Cane Corso.  This video is the first walking session we had.  Note the high rate of reinforcement in the beginning. 

This is Yeti, a Samoyed.  We had worked previously when he was a pup.  This was a refresher session.

This is Roscoe. we were working on staying on a mat and relaxing on a mat.

This is Roscoe on a walk.  We were also giving him the chance to sniffnd be a dog.

This is Lucky learning not to grab things from my hand.  This was done to help his young human (who did this video) see what we needed done to help teach his pup not to be grabby. The child was thrilled to help shoot a video.

This is my oldest guy.  Even as a senior, Foster loves food releasing toys. 

This is Uhura playing with a flirt pole. She is my daughter’s dog.

Here are all my dogs (sadly we lost Ravyn, the blue merle Sheltie in Oct. 2019) having fun finding kibble in the snow.

Finally, here is Uhura on a sniff walk while we were at the UKC Premier, Kalamazoo, MI in 2019.  Sniff walks are important for dogs to have.  This is their social media so to speak.


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