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Why Train My Dog?

It has been my experience that many problems causing millions of dogs to be given up each year did not start out as problems.  Rather, the dogs were not taught basic manners as puppies and owners waited until these antics became problems before taking action. For example, puppies are often not taught that biting is inappropriate.. Now the pup is grown and the tiny puppy nips are painful bites that break skin.  Biting is a game and the owner cannot cope any longer.  The dog is given up for this bad habit that could have been prevented with manners training starting as a pup.  It is best to teach from the beginning what will and will not be allowed.  There are rules to living with humans that puppies must learn: they are not born knowing how to live with us. Puppies, if taught at their developmental level, are capable of learning a lot.  Even if you have adopted an adult or even a senior dog, learning is quite possible.  There is no such thing as not being able to teach an old dog new tricks!

Positively Based Training also reinforces bonds between us and our canine companion. We build trust and confidence. A leader is kind, gentle and benevolent. We are not dogs, they are not humans, we need to learn to coexist. This means understanding what a dog is and how to work with individual drives within a breed or assumed breeds in a cross as well as the individual dog. There is no perfect means to train a dog HOWEVER, there are ways NOT to train a dog.  Those methods are anything based in fear, pain, nagging and intimidation.  We can train using positive motivation and teaching self discipline.  

Basic manners are crucial for any canine activity - from being your patio lunch companion at your favorite bistro to your future therapy dog.

Learning basic manners, self control and good manners means a dog is less likely to be given up due to behavior problems.  The majority of canine behavioral problems come from the humans with whom the dog interacts.  Sadly, many of these dogs go to new homes, the problems persist, then they go to shelters and begin a bad cycle that often creates a bad situation and even results in euthanasia.  We do not have a pet overpopulation in the US, we have an irresponsible owner problem.  It is irresponsible owners obtaining dogs they are not prepared for and failing to properly work with their dogs that results in dogs going to shelters.

You train your dog to save his life.


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