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Seven crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July of 2013.  She is greatly missed.

VanSan Will O'Wisp Nemesis, CGC, TDI

Seven was a 20 month old Great Pyrenees whose family was unable to keep her or her sister.  They were returned to a breeder (as opposed to being placed in rescue). The breeder knew I was looking for a Great Pyr and called me about the girls.  Seven (formerly named Satin but called Sadie by the kids in the family) needed a bit of work.  First was renaming her to something with a Sci-fi theme (Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager and she is responding to that far better than she did Satin or Sadie when we called those).

She was underweight, needed to have her coat grow back (totally shaved) and had a bilateral ear infection. She was been spayed, microchipped, and tattooed.   Great Pyrs are not Shelties when it comes to the "go get 'em" attitude in the performance rings, but Seven seems willing to please and a fast study!  However, if there is no purpose in the work, a Great Pyr may not do it.  

On September 9, 2002, she assisted in her first Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project talk and far exceeded my expectations.  In October of 2002, she and D'Argo passed their Therapy Dogs International tests. She has traveled to New Jersey to give talks and is just the perfect edition to The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project.  However, I did let her TDI certification expire as we are not doing formal pet therapy work.

Seven is a doll and attached herself immediately to Connor.  Now with a second child in the house, Seven is still proving to be a tolerant and protective companion. As with D'Argo, since she was not doing formal therapy work, I let her TDI certification lapse.

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                       Seven - the day she came home.                                  Seven in June of 2004.


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