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Blackwatch Static Klingon, CGC (UKC reg)

Sadly, we lost Hunter on Dec 2, 2007. His health issues just got to the point where he was not living life with dignity. He had multiple medical issues, none of which were really treatable.  His oral cancer had returned within a couple months of being removed and he had developed a severe breathing issue over the past couple years that medication was no longer effective for in a dose that did not put him into a stupor. Hunter was going into repiratory arrest, had the beginnings of kidney failure and walking was increasingly difficult. We made the difficult decision to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge while he could still do so under his own power and with some dignity.   Though a tough dog to live with due to his drives, he was still a fun dog who, sadly, was unable to work to his full potential but we hope still lived a full life.


Hunter, UKC reg. Blackwatch Static Klingon, was adopted through an Australian Shepherd rescue.  Dad, was not an Aussie - dad was a Newfoundland.  We jokingly say this is a dog that will herd fish! Hunter is a worker.  Basic obedience bored him. Hunter was a far happier toting a backpack or pulling Connor in a dog cart.  Hunter and I also Skijoured together until moving from New England to Virginia. Hunter was a typical neglect case caused by people who had no idea what they were getting into when they got a cute puppy.  The dog got too big too fast and his first family could not handle him.  Hunter was left tied in the back yard, never went to a vet and had NO socialization whatsoever.  Between 9 months to 2 years of age, Hunter was surrendered.   We gave him a chance in March of 1998. 

Hunter is fully retired due to health issues (which prevented him from being able to go into competitive weight pulling and drafting) and age. Now he enjoys playing fetch, raiding the vegetables and being a companion dog,


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